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Ryohgo Narita works English Translation Masterlist

The first thing I post in this place is... My Ryohgo Narita masterlist!
If you followed my tumblr/Baccano tag/Vamp g on tumblr you probably already know about this masterlist. I simply mirrored the masterlist in case something happened to my tumblr.

BACCANO! (バッカーノ!)

It all started 300 years ago on a boat where the alchemists summoned the "demon" in order to obtain the method of immortality. The demon gave the alchemist the liquor of immortality, the only way to die is to pass down the way to produce the liquor.

But the following night, one of the alchemist started to devour his companions. To escape the threat, the alchemists scattered all over the world. In America during the temperance movement, centering around the liquor of immortality, the "stupid commotion" starts!

Baccano! The Rolling Bootlegs [Baka-Tsuki]
Baccano! 1931 The Grand Punk Railroad (Local Episode) [Untuned Strings]
Baccano! 1931 The Grand Punk Railroad (Express Episode) [Untuned Strings]
Baccano! 1932 Drug & The Dominos [Baka-Tsuki]
Baccano! 2001 The Children Of Bottle [Anon Spore]
Baccano! 1933 (Part 1) The Slash ~Cloudy to Rainy~ [Anon Spore]
Baccano! 1933 (Part 2) The Slash ~Bloody to fair~ [Anon Spore]
Baccano! 1934 Alice in Jails (Prison Episode) [Anon Spore]
Baccano! 1934 Alice in Jails (Street Episode) [Baka-Tsuki] {[Anon Spore] Incomplete}
Baccano! 1934 Peter Pan in Chains (Finale Episode) [summary on TVTropes]
Baccano! 1705 The Ironic Light Orchestra [Untuned Strings]
Baccano! 2002 Bullet Garden (A-side) [Untuned Strings]
Baccano! 2002 Blood Sabbath (B-side) [Untuned Strings]
Baccano! 1931 Another Junk Railroad [Untuned Strings]
Baccano! 1710 Crack Flag [Untuned Strings]
Baccano! 1932 ~Summer~ man in the killer [Untuned Strings]
Baccano! 1711 Whitesmile [Untuned Strings]
Baccano! 1935-A Deep Marble [Houjicha] Incomplete
Baccano! 1935-B Dr.Feelgreed
Baccano! 1931 ~Winter~ the time of the oasis

Status: Ongoing

VAMP! (ヴぁんぷ!)


A comedic dark fantasy about vampire clans, a vampire princess, and the men who hunt them!

Vamp! [Untuned Strings]
Vamp! II [Untuned Strings]
Vamp! III [Untuned Strings] Incomplete
Vamp! IV
Vamp! V

Status: Ongoing

Durarara!! (デュラララ!!)


A fairy named Celty chases her head which was stolen 20 years ago in her homeland, and come to Japan. There she forced to deal a "transaction" with a guy and since then she live in Ikebukuro and works as a courier. And people calls her one of the Urban Legend, "The Headless Rider". Wearing a pitch black rider suit, she rides the headless horse, Coite-Bodher, which she change its looks to a black bike with no light, no number, and even no sound of its engine.

The color gang "Dollars", a group created on the net that even its leader don't know the face of the group each member. The rivalry between Dollars and other color gangs turn the heat up in Ikebukuro. And the matters turned more complicated as the gangs started competing to get Celty's head...

Durarara!! [differentclouds] [Baka-Tsuki]
Durarara!!×2 [differentclouds]
Durarara!!×4 [Anni-Fiesta]
Durarara!!×5 [Anni-Fiesta]
Durarara!!×6 [Anni-Fiesta]
Durarara!!×7 [pseudonym125] {[Houjicha] Incomplete}
Durarara!!×8 [Cleopuffer] Incomplete
Durarara!!×9 [Anni-Fiesta]
Durarara!!×11 [mizaya] Incomplete
Durarara!!x12 [mizaya] Incomplete

Status: Ongoing

Etsusa Bridge (越佐大橋)


Set on a giant, almost finished bridge between Sadogashima and Niigata. Abandoned by the government, the bridge, and the giant man-made floating island at the center, has become a city of criminals and societal drop-outs.

Bow Wow! Two Dog Night [Anni-Fiesta] Incomplete
Mew Mew! Crazy Cat’s Night
Garuguru! Dancing Beast Night<Part 1>
Garuguru! Dancing Beast Night<Part 2>
5656! Knights’ Strange Night

Status: Ongoing

Sekai no Chuushin, Hariyama-san (世界の中心、針山さん)


In Tokorozawa, Saitama prefecture, various events spin out of control; Urban legends, axe murderers hiding under the bed, magical girls crashing through ceilings, an isolated island where everyone is a destined hero, and where people suddenly vanish.

Tragic consequences that intertwine and link various people, and one person was involved in all of these events without fail - Hariyama-san.

This ordinary person, whose only noticeable trait is that he wears glasses. Why does he seem to be involved every time? At the center of this world of strange events? Who is he?

This is a series of short stories linked only by Hariyama-san, who appears as a minor character in each.

Sekai no Chuushin, Hariyama-san
Sekai no Chuushin, Hariyama-san 2
Sekai no Chuushin, Hariyama-san 3

Status: Ongoing

Otsubell to Warau Suiyobi (オツベルと笑う水曜日)


Otsubell to Warau  Suiyobi


Other Works & Short Stories

  1. Aridzuka to 500-ri no Kaizoku (Dengeki HP vol. 30)
  2. DR. Novel no Shousetsu Kouza (Dengeki HP vol. 32)
  3. Sotsukeishiki ~Mayoigahareruhi~ (Dengeki HP SPECIAL SPRING 2005)
  4. Crank wa Itsumo UP UP (Dengeki HP vol. 38)
  5. Chousenjo no Merry Christmas (Dengeki HP vol. 45)
  6. Manpuku Jinja no Merry Merry New Year (Dengeki MAGAZINE Prologue 1)
  7. Baccano! 1931 Kaisou-hen Grand Punk Railroad: Revisited (bonus novella ftom Baccano! 1931 The Grand Punk Railroad Drama CD, later expanded into “Another Junk Railroad”)
  8. Akumajou Dracula Shin’en no Tsuisou Uta (Dengeki Magazine November “Toradora! VS Index” Special Edition)
  9. Dengeki Bunko Characters TRPG Replay! Ochanomizu da yo! Zen’in Shuugou! (Dengeki hPa special supplement, Narita is doing the commentary)
  10. Duramp! (Dengeki h) (Durarara!!xVamp! crossover)
  11. Varara!! (Dengeki p) (^ditto)
  12. Mayomayo (Me~Me~) (Dengeki hPa)
  13. Tsudoe! Okayu no Nakamatachi! ~Dokuro-chan Tampen Novel sono 3 (Pre-order bonus from “Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan” anime DVD vol. 3)
  14. Narita Ryohgo no Baai (Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan desu, a tribute novel)
  15. Bleach: Spirits are Forever With You (2 volume novels, side story from Bleach)
  16. Fate/Strange Fake (TYPE-MOON Ace vol. 2) [Beast Lair][Nakulas]
  17. To Aru Jihanki no Fanfare (To Aru Kagaku no Railgun side story) [Baka Tsuki]
  18. Dangan Ronpa IF The Escape Switch of Hope and the Catastrophic Disappointment of Despair (Bonus mode from Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Goodbye Despair Academy) [Untuned Strings]
  19. Red Dragon TRPG (Official Website) [Beast Lair] Incomplete Status: Ongoing
  20. Stealth Symphony (Oneshot in Jump VS, with Yoichi Amano (art))


-The link on the title redirects to the PDF download (if any), while the link on translator name redirects to their translation index (or their page in general)
-Anything labeled Incomplete means the translation isn't completed yet.
-Well, technically none of the series has ended yet too... Damn Narita, where's 5656! part 2 and Vamp!VI !?
-the Other works are mostly side stories for other writers’ works or short stories published in magazines (all those Dengekis variant mentioned above).
-Anni-fiesta and Differentclouds has translation for various miscellaneous DRRR!! stuff on their index, while untuned strings has translation for some Baccano! NDS endings, including the Secret Episode (relevant for Another Junk Railroad). I didn’t include them here because they took too much place and most of them are not particularly relevant to the main story.
-Otsuberu to Warau Suiyobi (Otsuberu & the Laughing Wednesday) is an original oneshot novel... For now... It can be series if he want.
-Feel free to note me if there any mistake, something I missed, updates, etc.

The list won't be updated as often as its tumblr counterparts... But I'll try to update this everytime I update the tumblr one